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The ground-breaking ebook reveals secrets from the research that have never been released to the public for free before... 

  • Discover the Kahuna way to create your future in 5 steps.The powerful Hawaiian Kahuna priests were the keepers of occult secrets known only to a privileged few ...until now. (Full technique given in Chapter 1) 
  • Learn how to produce a specific dream to help change your physical reality e.g. improve your overall health. Learn about the dream universe and how to remember dreams and generate the dreams of your choice. (Full technique given in Chapter 2) 
  • Learn how to access ALL knowledge ...past, present and future... to create financial windfalls by tapping into the field. Learn how to use your mind to connect with ...and influence... another person’s mind (Chapters 3 and 4) 

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"It has saved me years of trial and error"

"My many years of searching for ways to tap into the flow of universal wisdom has led me to Real Mind Power Secrets. What a joy it has been to discover this material, it has literally saved me years of trial and error."

"Thanks to the team for putting this wisdom together for it sets the Gold Standard of self development knowledge. Its application has enabled me to shift into what I always knew was my birthright - to live in the natural state of purposeful manifestation."

Paul Counsel


"The research here takes us to the edges of human understanding"

"...The research here takes us to the edges of human understanding. I would see no other path of understanding that allows the individual such power to understand the process of manifestation. It is fantastic you see the need to treat people gently. Understanding the mind is a great step to stopping others falling over the edge."

Matthew Pyrke


"this really works!"

"It's amazing that the first day I tried this dream programming, I noticed that the following day, I've had amazing luck.... even my officemates noticed it! whatever that I say comes true and whatever that I wish for comes true.... hehehe!"

"I also remember wishing for things and then I dream about them.... this really works!"

Karren Javier

"This is the best"

"This is the best and most interesting program about advancing the human mind I have found so far, in my journey to spiritual enlightenment.:)"

Erik Hirsimaki


"Real Mind Power Secrets has been a Great Blessing"

"Real Mind Power Secrets has been a great blessing. When most people around you don't seem to acknowledge energy and spirit... To be able to have a place and a community to share with and learn from each other.. even while we practice 'on our own' is Great!"

Ninindi Johnstone


"I am very grateful to have been introduced to Mind Power Secrets"

"I am very grateful to have been introduced to Mind Power Secrets. I have always danced to the beat of a different drummer and have sought after my own spiritual and mental salvation, however the WORLD has a tendency to get in the way. Know what I mean."

"I have had success with Thought Blasting. I have been practicing the technique on someone who will not clean up behind himself. It works!! I just focus on how I want the area to look and lo and behold within a day or so, he cleans up the mess and all is well!!!!!"



"I feel like I have been given the gift of a lifetime"

"Thank You for sharing this incredible knowledge with the world !!! I feel like I have been given the gift of a lifetime. I am so excited to be on this magical journey with so many other kindred souls. This is what I have been looking and waiting for !! THANK YOU for all the hard work and putting your beautiful spirits into this wonderful journey. Many Many Blessings."

Stephanie Kraus


"Great Material!"

"Great Material! I've finally found the information that not only gives concepts, but also gives you the "Push" to move forward to the goals you always felt you wanted but were just out of reach!"

Will Donnelly


"I am so happy to have found your website"

"I am so happy to have found your web-site - synchronicity? I have been interested in this subject for many years and have done much reading on the subject but seem to have been too distracted by the stresses of the everyday rat-race to really accomplish or develop myself to my full potential. I was recently widowed and have taken this opportunity to go inside and develop what I know to be my latent abilities. Thank you so much for being."

Elizabeth Marks


"Just what I have been looking for"

"I find this material to be just what I have been looking for as it relates to being able to design my own life and to be a contribution to others at the same time."

Henry Monzello